Total Tests Conducted = 51741.
Total Active Cases = 580.
Cured & Discharged = 2506.
Deaths = 49.
Cumulative Total = 3135.
Total Covid-19 Positive Cases Reported today = 26 ( 5 on RTPCR, 4 on TruNat and 17 on RAT)
The breakup of cases:
1 from 5th Mile, Tadong.
1 from above Manipal hostel.
1 from near Gumpa, Pabyuik Naitam.
1 from Assam Lingzey.
1 from Pipalay, West Sikkim.
1 from below Maple Resorts, Sichey.
1 from near Himalayan Church, Panihouse.
1 from Pakyong.
1 from Chumbung.
1 from lower Nandok.
1 from MG Marg.
1 from Deorali School road.
1 from IBM Rangpo.
1 from near SRM University, 5th Mile, Tadong.
1 from DPH area.
1 from Amdo Golai.
2 from Ranipool.
2 from Metro Point, Tadong.
2 from Tadong School road.
1 from Daragaon, Jorethang.
1 from Sumbuk.
1 from Ravangla.
1 from upper Dorok, Salghari.
It was also informed that the State has recorded three more COVID-19 deaths today.
A 57 year old female from DPH Area passed away on 5th October at around 7:30 pm. She was admitted to the STNM hospital on 28th September and had comorbid conditions.
The second death was from a 67 year old female, resident of upper Arithang near Masjid. She had tested positive on RAT at CRH. She was admitted to the STNM on 4th October and was also a diabetic patient. She passed away at around 11 pm on 5th October.
The third death was recorded from a 56 year old senior MPHW from Rangpo PHC and a resident of Jitlang, Rangpo. He was a COVID warrior who was on screening duty at Rangpo Screening Centre since January 2020.
(Sikkim daily Health bulletin on COVID-19 as on 6.10.2020)

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