My dear people of Sikkim,

We have been strong and resolute in our fight against COVID-19 and I commend the effort and spirit shown during the lockdown.

The first positive case in the state was confirmed by the Health Department a few hours ago. Although this is unfortunate, I assure everyone we will come out of this crisis. The said person came back from New Delhi on the 17 of May and was directly transported to the quarantine facility with minimum contact.

We have been preparing for any untoward incident are well equipped to handle the situation with trained professionals attending to the patients following every preventive measure and I pray for his speedy recovery.

This is just a hurdle which we are fully prepared to handle and I urge the entire Sikkimese people to not panic and follow the safety guidelines like they have been and be more cautious and sensible. Together we will come out stronger.

Jai Hind!
Jai Sikkim!

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