Information & Public Relations Department, the Nodal department of the State Government – the interface between the government and the media plays a pivotal role in keeping the general public abreast of day to day events, activities policies, programmes, initiatives and achievements of the State Government . It is also responsible for formulating a media policy for the Staten and ensures correct dissemination of information.

Over the last two decades the State Government has created an environment wherein the Press can enjoy all the freedom and independence essential for its healthy growth. It has made efforts to ensure that the Fourth Estate functions with independence and the people can enjoy the freedom of speech and expressions.

The conducive environment for health journalism has resulted in the sudden increase in print and electronic media in Sikkim. The publication of standard paper in the last two decades also indicates the level of freedom of Press in State. The intellectual and spiritual sensitivity of the people of Sikkim has increase. The Government has always encouraged the development of journalism, press and media and media in the State. For this many facilities and benefits have been provided to encourage development of media which is vibrant an caters to the growth the development of media through various initiatives for the benefit of the Journalists the State . The Department instituted the Positive journalism Grant in the year 2005-06 to acknowledge the contributions made by journalists. An annual grant is also provided to Press Club of Sikkim for its development. In order to help in the modernization of press and other media is Sikkim, the Department also distributed laptops, computers, cameras and printers to them. In addition to these, there are many other programmes and benefits provide by the department of IPR for the benefits of journalists in the State. The department also empowers the people of the State by facilitation free flow of government information through its many publications and programmes, advertising and exhibitions, thus embracing people’s participation in the process of socio- economic development.

Sikkim herald, the official bi-weekly newspaper of the Government of Sikkim, published by the department of Information and Public Relations has been a regular feature of the State ever since its inception in the early 1960s Sikkim Herald comes out in thirteen different State Languages, viz English, Nepali, Newar, Lepcha, Gurung, Limbu, Tamang, Sunwar , Manger , Sherpa, Bhutia, Rai and Tibetan. This has been made possible due to the policy decision of the state Government to recognize these languages as State Languages. The publication of Sikkim Herald in local languages has made it a mass based bi- weekly paper where different communities had it in their own dialects and languages. The department of information and Public Relations comprises various units as indicated below:-