Sikkim Today

Sikkim Today

In 2001, the department started publishing SIKKIM TODAY, a quarterly magazine with the sole objective of highlighting and showcasing all the developmental programmes, schemes and success stories of the various policies and initiatives of the state government.

Since 2017, the SIKKIM TODAY is being published on a bi- monthly basis with a theme based feature that focuses on the visionary policies of the state government and their success stories along with recent activities of the state government encompassing its achievements, missions and programmes.

The Nepali edition of SIKKIM TODAY renamed PADDHWANI is a bi-yearly publication showcasing articles, write ups, feature stories, success stories, interviews, the way forward, etc. that accentuate works undertaken by the state government for the development of the State.

SIKKIM TODAY is widely distributed to Chief Ministers of all the States, Central and State Ministers, Embassies of different countries in New Delhi and Kolkata, Secretaries of all State and Central Government, District Offices, Schools, Colleges, Gram Vikas Kendras, Gram Prashashan Kendras, NGOs, and local public in the State.

The department is also credited with bringing out an assortment of publications on subjects which serve as information and reference materials for research scholars, students and the general public alike.  These publications comprise of books, coffee table publications, commemorative issues, magazines, informative brochures amongst others.

Till date, the department has published around 118 books alone which have been useful in educating, informing and also appreciated as a recreational feature for the readers.

Some popular books published by the department are:

  • Pawan Chamling- Champion of Social Justice
  • Sikkim The Organic Leader
  • Bio Diversity Of Sikkim
  • Climate Change
  • The Record Breaker
  • The Sikkim of My Dreams-Speeches of the Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling
  • The Pilgrim’s Retreat, etc.