The Department discharges the following key functions.

  • Effectively propagates ideals, policies and programmes of the Government.
  • Carries information on the schemes of the Government to the doorstep of the people.
  • Effectively using mass media for dissemination of information.
  • Creating awareness among the people particularly among the rural masses about the welfare measures through publicity.
  • Disseminating policies and programmes of the Government through Print, Electronic Media advertisements, exhibitions, publications, traditional media and others.
  • Gives feed back to the Government from Press, Prepare Press Clippings for various ministries.
  • Acts as a nodal agency for release of advertisement of various Government Department.
  • Printing of Government publication such as Diaries, Calendars, Booklets Pamphlets, Posters, Portraits and others.
  • Enforces Press Accreditation Rules and grants accreditation to Journalists
  • Production of documentaries on famous personalities/Success Stories/Departmental Achievements.
  • Organizes discussions and Seminars on Current Affairs.
  • Provides press coverages to official Government functions and programmes, VIP and VVIP Visits
  • Provides News Video Clippings to National and Local Channels.