CEO, Sikkim signs agreement with SRM, Gangtok for conduct survey

Gangtok, 12 August (IPR): Chief Electoral Office, Sikkim has signed the agreement today with Shri Ramaswamy University (SRM), Gangtok for conduct of knowledge, attitude & practices based line & end line survey for citizens of Sikkim for General Election 2019.

The background of the study is to refine the Knowledge, Attitude, Belief, Behaviour and Practices (KABBP) among the respondents so that required interventions could be made to enhance electoral participation and to assess the efficiency of the interventions after the election.

The proposal of this assignment is to understand the communication, needs of the different section of the society most notably, the voter and the influencer viz. family members, community/religious leaders, civil society based group, media, etc. Apart from this, the study will also cover the youth, teachers and students.

The main objective of the survey is:-

  1. to understand the reasons for gaps in electoral participation, both for enrollment stage and voting
  2. to understand the underlying reasons for low voter turnout in the last election in the State
  3. to identify the barriers to voting
  4. to identify the demographics of electoral segments with lower enrolment and participation in the polls
  5. to understand effectiveness of various formal and non formal media vehicles
  6. to suggest logical and possible measures to ensure higher enrolment and higher turnout based on the outcome of survey.

The survey shall be completed by 15th September 2019 and report thereof shall be submitted by 4th October, 2019.

The task of the survey shall be:-

  1. Finalize a sampling frame and operational/management plan
  2. Develop instruments
  3. Training of the field teams
  4. Conduct field research
  5. Undertake analysis of data collected
  6. Make a presentation on the top line findings
  7. Submit a final report based on feedback given by Election Commission

The survey shall cover the target groups and cover for qualitative and quantitative component of the survey. A total of 20 polling stations in the Urban and 20 in the Rural shall be randomly selected for the State.

The samples shall be selected by Simple Random Sampling Method with sample frame provided in the SVEEP Manujal by the office of CEO, Sikkim.

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