SSHRC conducts awareness programme on human rights

Gangtok, 06 Aug (IPR): Sikkim State Human Rights Commission (SSHRC) organized an awareness programme on human rights at Raapjy Carveri Hall of Sikkim University in Gangtok, East Sikkim.

The programme had the presence of Hon’ble Chairperson, Justice N.K. Jain, Secretary, SSHRC, Mr. Jagat B. Rai, Member, SSHRC, Mr. M.G. Kiran, Vice Chancellor, Professor Avinash Kharel, Assistant Professor, Dr. Nidhi Saxena, other dignitaries and students.

The awareness programme began with lighting of the lamp. The main objective was to make people aware about their human rights so that they can seek justice in case of any human right violation.

While addressing the gathering, Dr. Nidhi Saxena, stated that victimization of youth is in more than the adult and crime can be done in any form whether it be any social media or in reality so in this era of technology students should be equally aware about the rights.

The main goal is to help people understand human rights, value human rights, and take responsibility for defending and promoting human rights.

Prof. Avinash Kharel (Vice Chancellor) appreciated the students for being part of this fruitful programme. He further shared his experience about how ragging in colleges used to take place in earlier days.

It is a form of crime and ragging can be disturbing and dehumanized but as for now there are measures to safeguard one’s rights and students should be conversant of it, he added.

“Rights are made so that individuals can stay in dignity,” said Mr. M.G. Kiran (Member, SSHRC).

He further urged students to educate their parents, neighbors and other individuals around them as most of the people are not still aware about their rights.

While addressing the gathering, Justice N.K. Jain (Chairperson) said that human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. It is equal for each individual so it is necessary for each individual to know their rights and to practice it correctly.

He also said that although Sikkim is a very peaceful State but there are violation/crime that still takes place but people don’t open up about it but it is imperative to talk about it because peaceful people doesn’t mean tolerating the violation of human rights he added.

Lastly, he advised all the individual to learn the human rights and its obligations and also not to ignore or avoid any kind of violation.

Earlier in the programme, Mr. Jagat B. Rai (Secretary, SHHRC) briefed about awareness of human rights and about their fundamental rights or legal rights in national and international law and the ability of people to easily distinguish various aspects of human rights.

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