Clearance of Namchi Damthang stretch due to landslide

Namchi, 8th July(IPR): Due to incessant rainfall of 7th July in the South District, major landslides were reported from in and around Namchi. As per report, approximately 60 number of vehicles carrying tourists and passengers were stranded in the landslides at Damthang Namchi road stretch. These vehicles halted at secured sites along the highway due to the continuous rainfall and possibility of fresh slides.

Additionally, at around 1:30 am on 8th July Police patrol team escorted some of the stranded vehicles to Namchi before further slides rendered evacuation of the rest of the commuters impossible.
As of today, the road from upper Jaubari, Dharey to Damthang is cleared making it convenient for commuters to reach their respective destinations.
Moreover, as a humanitarian gesture snacks were given to the stranded people by the officials.

The South Disaster Management team along with Police personnels, Engineers, contractors and various others stakeholders mobilized manpower and machinery in clearing the debris as well as making a way for thoroughfare.

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