HCM Shri. Prem Singh Golay meets with Officials of Soreng Sub-division

Gyalshing, 24th June, 2019 (IPR): The Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri. Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) along with Shri. Mingma Narbu Sherpa, Hon’ble Minister (Energy and Power); Shri. Aditya Golay Hon’ble MLA (Soreng); Smt. Sunita Gajmer Hon’ble MLA (Salghari Zoom); Shri. Jacob Khaling, Hon’ble Political Secretary to HCM and Shri. C. P. Sharma, Hon’ble Advisor to HCM (Press and Media) met with the Soreng Sub-division Head of Departments and Officials. The Hon’ble Chief Minister was accompanied by Shri. Karma Lodey Lepcha, ADC West; Shri. Gayas Pega, ADC (Dev.) Soreng, Shri. Himmat Rai, SDM Soreng and other officials.

Shri. Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) in his address to the Officials of the Soreng Sub-division extended his gratitude for their relentless services towards the public. He acknowledged the role of Employees to be the back bone of the Sikkimese Governance and its road to reaching new heights. He also mentioned that he is thankful to Sikkimese populous for extending their trust towards the government. He mentioned that as the Chief Minister of Sikkim he is ready to serve the state with utmost sincerity and keeping in purview the good of the Sikkimese people at large.

He mentioned that the “Care and Cure” initiative of the Government is to show that the Government understands the needs of every employee in the state. He further stated that more facilities for their betterment would be given where in return the government expects that all government officials would serve the public with more efficiency and care.

He encouraged all the Officials to work as per the norms and that no political pressure would be asserted to do any unlawful works. He also stressed that all public works should not exceed 6 months from the expected date of completion given to the contractors by the department. He mentioned that actions against the contractors and department would be taken if they fail to complete within the stipulated time frame.

He further stated that the District Magistrate should now be monitoring all the works in the district and his government will ensure that necessary powers are devolved to the District Collector. The DC and SP should ensure the all round development and security of the District.

In his address, he acknowledged the contributions of the previous Chief Ministers of Sikkim towards the establishment of Sikkim. He then, said that now the opportunity of state building has been given to him by the general public hence, he would take it as a challenge and as an opportunity to keep the good will of Sikkim as the foremost priority.

In terms of Health and Human Care Services, he assured that the Primary Health Center (PHC) of Soreng would be well equipped to give better health facilities to the people of the Soreng Sub-division.

He further spoke on the water crisis which is not only in Sikkim but which is a global phenomena and said that all possible steps should be undertaken in the state to preserve it. He said that conservation and its preservation is key so as to ensure long term water security in the state since water cannot be produced and steps should be taken so that we can evolve appropriate measure to stop precious water sources from drying up. The HCM stated that one of the most important step that the state government should imbibe extensively is rain water harvesting which is the accumulation and storage of rainwater for re-use on site, rather than allowing the water to run off thereby fighting the global problem with natural awareness and conservation through the environment.

He further emphasized that the preservation and reservation of rain water by the public at large is the need of the hour in order to solve the huge water crisis in Sikkim. He also asked the government officials to practice rain water harvesting which could be put to use for many other purposes by them.

Lastly, the creation of new districts namely Pakyong and Soreng would be done in a proper manner and without any haste by the Government hence, the HCM urged the public to have patience so that proper procedures could be carried out for it to be a reality.

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