First Executive Committee Meeting of Chenrezig Singkham Riwo Potala conducted

Gyalshing, 4th June, 2019 (IPR): The First Executive Committee Meeting of the Chenrezig Singkham Riwo Potala was conducted at the Chenrezig Complex. The meeting was chaired by Shri. Karma R. Bonpo, DC West cum Chairman (Executive Committee) Chenrezig Singkham Riwo Potala along with Shri. K. L. Lepcha, ADC West; Shri. Sonam Bhutia, S. E. (Buildings and Housing) and Shri. Tenzing Norbu Bhutia, DFO (T).
The DC West assured that all the remaining works which needs to be completed will be done after meeting with the contractors. He assured the Lamas of Sanga Choeling Monastery that the needful would be done at the earliest. He then conducted a detailed inspection of the property and asked the SE Buildings and Housings to take necessary steps towards it in terms of repairs. He also asked the DFO (T) to help with the beautification of the complex. He also asked the Sanga Choeling Lamas to register their committee for which the transfer of funds would become easier.
ADC West stressed on the importance of the Executive Body meeting which needs to be done once every month to oversee the smooth functioning of the Complex.
During the meeting various in regards to maintenance of the complex, proper drainages for rain water, electricity and road issues were discussed.
The District Collector also said that following issues will be resolved at the earliest:
1) All remaining works of the complex to be completed at the earliest.
2) survey of alternative road to the complex will be undertaken.
3) streamliningof staff and salary will be done.
4)survey of land of the complex will be undertaken.
5) necessary repairs in the complex will be done.
6) project proposal on the next phase will be initiated.
7) proposal for Construction of Tongchay lhakhang and new toilets will be initiated and put up to the government.

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