Training on dispatch of polling materials conducted at Brihaspati Parsai SSS

Gangtok, 08 Apr (IPR): A training session on dispatch of Polling Materials for Assembly and Parliamentary Constituency Elections to the Polling Parties was held at the Strong Room Premises at Brihaspati Parsai Senior Secondary School, Ranipool.

The training session was chaired by the District Election Officer/East-cum RO, Shri Kapil Meena, ADC/East-cum-RO, Shri Bharani Kumar, ADC Pakyong, Ms Urvashi Poudal.

The DEO thanked all the officials engaged for a successful commissioning of the EVMs and VVPATS. He informed them that the Strongroom seal will be broken on the 10th of April at 7:30 AM and thereby the dispatch process will start at 8 AM for the convenience of all.

He informed that the farthest polling party would be the first ones to be dispatched with the Polling Materials. He said that the same set of teams would continue with the same-pre assigned constituencies and changes, if any, would be communicated to the teams.

The DEO further enlightened the teams that they would be co-ordinating with the Sector Magistrates, Presiding Officers and the Polling Officers and collecting timely updates as per the guidelines of the ECI and reporting them table wise to the DEO and the ARO’s.

He directed that one memeber from each team would keep a check on the concerned constituency strong room activity to ensure that the correct materials are dispatched along with the correct team. He solicited cooperation and efficiency from all to avoid any last minute glitches during the dispatch day.

ADC Pakyong, Ms Urvashi Poudal, briefed the teams about their roles and responsibilities leading to an unobstructed routine during the day of dispatch.She stressed on the importance of writing the names of the polling stations and constituencies on the bags and ensuring that all the polling materials are compiled in the bag that would be dispatched with the polling parties.

She stated that distinguishing marks need to be used by the Presiding Officers for easy identification of the polling materials and also briefed the team on the Presiding Officers checklist for 11 documents that need to be fulfilled by the voters to be able to vote along with specimen signatures of the candidates. She went in to inform that teams need to maintain a list of contact details of the Sector Magistrates and the Presiding and Polling officers.

In conclusion, Ms Poudal stated that the efforts of the team will have a domino effect and hence, everybody should deliver their responsibilities with utmost sincerity, dedication and calmness.

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