Signature campaign on ‘PLEDGE TO VOTE’

Gangtok, April 7: (IPR) As a part of the SVEEP campaign to improve voting percentage, an initiative by Office of District Election Officer, East started the Signature campaign on ‘PLEDGE TO VOTE’ which was launched at MG Marg today. Banners have been put up at two places, one near District Control Room and another near Star Hall. The banner exhorts the urban voters to cast their vote by signing on the pledge board.

The event was inaugurated by the DEO-cum-RO East Mr. Kapil Meena, ADC East Mr. Bharani Kumar, Assistant Collector Mr. Rohan Agawane, officials and attended by general public.

It was informed that Sikkim’s voting percentage as in 2014 was 83%, the third highest in India whileas Gangtok’s voting percentage was recorded at 68%, the lowest in Sikkim.

District Election Officer, East Mr. Kapil Meena said that this initiative is to target the urban electors of Gangtok and to try to persuade urban voters to vote on April 11. Adult franchise is a fundamental pillar of any democracy and every single individual should cast their vote and perform the solemn duty as a responsible citizen of the country, he stated

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