GO, North continues assessment of preparedness of polling stations in North district

Mangan, 04 Apr (IPR): General Observer, North, Dr. Pratibha Singh, IAS, in view to assess the preparedness of polling station of the district visited four polling stations of sector-5 and sector-7 of the district.

On 02 Apr, Dr. Singh visited two polling station of Sector- 5: Lum-Sangdong, i.e. 30/13- Lum Primary School and 30/12- Sangtok ICDS, she found both sector are critical, thus she took serious enquiry of both stations and instructed all necessary arrangements must be done as per the guidelines of ECI to sector magistrate, Shri Dupchen Bhutia.

On 03 Apr, after walking one & half hour from Bay under 30-Dzongu constituency, she visited two polling stations of Sector- 7 viz. 30/1 -Government Secondary School, Tinvong and 30/2- Government Primary School, Pentong (critical).

During her visit, she was accompanied by Sector Magistrate-7, Shri Wangyal Sherpa, and Liaison Officer to GO, Shri Tempa Ringzing Bhutia.

Dr. Singh interacted with the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) regarding assured minimum facilities and facilities of Persons with Disabilities at Government ICDS Centre, Sangtok. She also inspected the ongoing activities of Static Surveillance Team (SST) at Phedang police post.

On her way back to Mangan, she also visited the Rimghim Monastery and took stock of Sangha with the monks of the monastery.

According to the LO, Shri Bhutia, Dr. Singh found all the polling stations in voter’s friendly environment and appreciated the assured minimum facilities being ensured by the sector magistrate in their respective polling station.

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