General Observer visited eight Polling Stations

Mangan, March 28 (IPR): Dr. Pratibha Singh, IAS General Observer (GO) for North District: General Election 2019 assessed the election preparedness of the various Polling Stations on March 26.
General Observer visited eight Polling Stations under sector-8: Mangan-Singhik along with the Sector Magistrate, Mr. Thinley Gyamtso Lepcha. Name of the Polling Stations are 30/16-Power Office, 30/21-Power Office, 31/6- Singhik Sec. School, 31/8- Pakshep School, 31/9- Ringhim Sec. School, 31/10- Mangan Sr. Sec. School, 31/11- Mangan BAC and 31/12- Mangan Nagar Palika.
During her visit, General Observer enquired about the facilities related to Persons with Disabilities (PwD), basic minimum facilities of the Polling Station. As informed by LO to General Observer, Shri Tempa Rinzing Bhutia that during her visit, GO found all polling stations are well established in a voter’s friendly environment.

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