West District completes training for EE&MT, AEOs, FST, SST, VST & VVTs successfully

Gyalshing, 08 Mar (IPR): Training for the Election Expenditure and Monitoring Team, Assistant Expenditure Observers, Flying Squad, Static Surveillance Team, Video Surveillance Team and Video Viewing Team was successfully held at Zilla Bhawan in Gyalshing. The training programme was chaired by Shri Tushar G. Nikhare, SDM (HQ); Shri Kush B. Limboo, Deputy CPAO and Shri Dilip Sharma, DCSO, West.

The SDM (HQ), in his address, to the present trainees asked them to have proper coordination in order to work efficiently. He then advised them to get along with each other and work with their subordinates for the task completion. He strongly asked them to go through Seizure process and norms thoroughly so as they can be well aware of it and hence have no room for errors.

He also asked the respective trainees to be present in case of any seizure activities and instructed to work under the supervision of the Sector Magistrates of their respective areas.

The Master Trainers for the training were Shri Tushar G. Nikhare SDM (HQ); Shri K.B. Limboo, Deputy CPAO and Shri Dilip Sharma, DCSO, West.

The training programme basically covered the working ethics of the important various procedures and working methodology that appointed personnel and their respective teams were to carryout during the upcoming General Elections.

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