Second round of training for SMs & SPOs completed in Gyalshing

Gyalshing, 07 Mar (IPR): The second round of training for Sector Magistrates and Sector Police Officers was successfully completed at the Conference Hall of Zilla Bhawan in Gyalshing. The training programme was chaired by Shri Karma R. Bonpo, DC West; Shri Tenzing Loden Lepcha, SP West. Also present were Shri Karma L. Lepcha, ADC West; Shri Tushar G. Nikhare, SDM (HQ); Shri Gilbert Lepcha, SDM Gyalshing.

The DC West in his address to the trainees mentioned that the Sector Magistrates (SM) and Sector Police Officers (SPO) need to work in close connection and establish proper communication. He also stated that they must be able to ensure that all sectors are aligned and that they would be able to reach two areas within one hour.

He urged all to make themselves equipped to solve the problems at hand efficiently as SMs and SPOs. He also urged them to function and enforce the Law and Order as per the Model Code of Conduct.

The SP West directed the SMs and SPOs to be cooperative amongst themselves in order to be able to conduct a successful Election and also to be able to use their experience to tackle problems.

The Master trainers for the Second Round of Training for the Sector Magistrates and Sector Police Officers were Shri. Dilip Sharma, DCSO West; Shri. Tushar G. Nikhare, SDM (HQ) and Shri. Gilbert Lepcha, SDM Gyalshing.

The training programme covered topics on Tasks and Responsibilities of Sector Magistrates, Pre-Poll Responsibilities, Poll Day Responsibilities, End of Poll Day, C-Vigil, Model Code Of Conduct and other similar activities in relation to the Upcoming Elections.

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