Anden Eco-tourism fest commences at Malling in Mangan

Mangan, 05 Mar (IPR): Rimghim Nampatam GPU Eco-Tourism Committee organized two-daylong “Anden Eco-tourism” festival at Malling village in Mangan, North Sikkim. The festival being sponsored by the Eco-tourism Division, Forest Environment and Wildlife Management Department, Government of Sikkim commenced on 05 March and will conclude on 06 March.

The inaugural session of the festival was graced by Ex-Upadhakshya, North, Shri N.T. Lepcha, President, MNP, Ms. Zangmu Bhutia, and other local dignitaries.

The said festival focuses and motivates on social responsibility, personal growth and environmental sustainability of an individual towards his or her community.

The main attractions of the festival were traditional stalls, cultural show, sports like archery, tug of war, community dance, etc.

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