West District Election Department successfully complete Booth Level Officers meet at Gyalshing

Gyalshing, 15 Feb (IPR): A Meeting for the Booth Level Officers (BLOs) on the assessment of preparedness in regards to the upcoming General Elections 2019 and for the 10-daylong House to House re-verification was organized by the District Elections Office at the Community Hall in Gyalshing, West Sikkim.

The programme was chaired by Dr. A.B. Karki (DC, West), Shri Tushar G. Nikhare (SDM, Gyalshing) along with the SDMs, BDOs and the BLOs of West District. 

The DC West mentioned in his address that the meeting was called to acknowledge the kickoff of the election process in the West District. He stated that for the elections of 2019 to be successful, the BLOs have the most pivotal role and hence the expectations are very high on them. He thanked all the BLOs working day and night to ensure that ‘no voters are left behind’ and that everyone would be able to exercise their right to vote.

He also urged the BLOs to take note of the basic facilities available at the Polling stations ahead of the elections and inform the administration. He further congratulated all the recently posted SDMs and BDOs during the programme and advised them also to take active participation in the Election Process. 

During the meeting, SDM Gyalshing, Shri Nikhare, also gave directions needed to be followed by the BLOs during the 10-daylong house to house re-verification starting from 16/2/19. He also enlightened the BLOs with the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ which needed to be followed strictly in regards to the Elections.

He also mentioned that no bulk distribution of Photo Voters slip would be allowed under any circumstances by the BLOs. He then mentioned that all photo voter slips to be distributed one week before actual poll day. He further stated that the 61 Polling Stations of the West District would be having Webcasting feature in the Polling Stations.

Lastly, he informed the BLOs to also make the public aware of the Voter helpline App available for download and the Voter Helpline Number 1950 which is toll free for general public to clear their doubts.

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