110 MW Chujachen HEP Project inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling

Rongli, 18 Nov (IPR): The 110 MW Chujachen Hydro Electric Power Project developed by GATI Infrastructure was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling today. The project is designed by Colenco, Switzerland and harnesses the water flowing from Rongli and Rangpo rivers making it the first of its kind to be built under ant private ownership in the State.

The Chief Minister said that with the commencement of hydro power in the state, we have moved from being a consumer state to a producer state. He further mentioned that Sikkim has always moved forward into pro-growth development and the focus has always been qualitative development. With the production capacity reaching to 120 MW soon, power projects will further increase power generation and supply in the State. It will also make our state self-reliant in power as well as in revenue generation, he added.

Shri Chamling said that though the State started the path towards industrial revolution late but it has still forged its way forward and after a span of 35 years, the Hydro Power Project will belong to Sikkim 100%. Clause in the agreement even states for returning of land to the landowners after completion of the business. The process of developing power projects was launched for the sustainable economic development of the state apart from numerous other benefits and opportunities like employment, road construction, micro financing, local business, contract works etc, he added.

“Sikkim is a rich reservoir of natural resources and these surely form a major part of our strength, the advantage in relation to many other states in the country and without tapping in the huge natural resources, the desired level of progress and prosperity cannot be achieved,” the Chief Minister added.

The significance of the peaceful situation in Sikkim has brought big investments from both the public and private sectors which has generated employment for local people and the much needed revenue to the state exchequer, the Chief Minister reiterated. He said that when the ruling party came to power in 1994, the total electricity generated was only 32 MW but today the total production is near about 3310 MW, with the state touching the 3000 MW mark within this year.

He further added that the State Government has created a conducive atmosphere of democratic peace and overall dignity to work in which is so essential for unabated sustained growth and development. This has made possible for setting up of industries, pharma companies, hydro power projects, hotels, home stays, educational institutes etc. He hoped for further cooperation from the general public into taking the State forward and climb higher towards further development.

CEO, GATI Infrastructure, Shri Mahendra Agarwal, said that the State is today known for its progressive developmental policies and good governance and has emerged as a model State for the rest of the country to emulate. He applauded the Chief Minister for his visionary policies and said that Sikkim has remained an example of general contentment and social cohesion.

The programme was also attended by Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, GATI representatives and general public at large.

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