From the Facebook page of Chief Minister Mr Prem Singh Tamang-Golay

Dear and Respected People of Sikkim,
I extend my immense gratitude to the respected people of Sikkim especially of the 07-Soreng-Chakung and 19-Rhenock constituencies. Your cordial support and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in our triumph. Remarkably, your efforts and commitment were so profound that I did not even need to campaign in the 07-Soreng-Chakung and 19-Rhenock constituencies. The respected party workers and the people took on all the responsibilities, ensuring a smooth and victorious outcome with the highest votes in Sikkim. For this, I will always remain deeply indebted to each and every one of you.
On behalf of the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party and the esteemed people of Sikkim, I express my deepest thanks to the people of these two constituencies. Your trust and support are the pillars of our success.
As per the Conduct of Election Rules 1961, under Section 67/A, a rule mandates that one of the two constituencies must be relinquished within 14 days of the election results declaration.
Tomorrow, 15th June, marks the last day for this decision. Thus, with a heavy heart I must make this crucial announcement, today.
I apologize to the people of the 07-Soreng-Chakung constituency as I have decided to step aside, allowing an honest and loyal party functionary to serve you as your legislator. Nonetheless, I promise to remain committed to serving as your MLA, ensuring that your constituency benefits from the service and care of two dedicated MLAs, including myself. Having been born and raised in my parental home in the Soreng-Chakung Constituency, and my beloved mother still residing here, I am confident that the residents of this constituency will continue to receive my unwavering support and assistance, as they always have.
I sincerely congratulate and thank the people of the 07-Soreng-Chakung constituency for your intimacy, unity, duty consciousness, persistence, perseverance, dedication, and sacrifice. Your contributions have been invaluable, and I pledge to remain forever grateful to all of you. I feel honoured to be your MLA and always remain so in my heart and soul.
I humbly request all of you to continue to move forward, united in our vision of a golden and prosperous Sikkim. Let us determine to work hand in hand for the benefit of Sikkim and its people. Together, we can achieve the pinnacle of success.
Wishing everyone happiness, peace, and prosperity. May every moment of your life be blessed.

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