Chief Minister Mr Prem Singh Tamang announces Madam Krishna Kumari Rai’s resignation to Party consensus for Sikkim’s welfare

Gangtok, June 13 (IPR): Following the resignation of Madam Krishna Kumari Rai, MLA of the 11-Namchi-Singithang Constituency, The Chief Minister Mr Prem Singh Tamang announced to the people of Sikkim that her decision to vacate her seat reflects the unanimous decision of the Party, prioritizing its welfare and objectives.
“It is important to note that, at the request of the parliamentary committee of the SKM Party, she contested in the elections for the benefit of our party. As president of the Party, I express my sincere gratitude to her for her dedication and unwavering support”, shared the Chief Minister.
Assuring the residents of the Namchi-Singithang Constituency, the Chief Minister said that they would continue to be represented by a dedicated and genuine MLA committed to serving their interests. He emphasised that the new representative would work diligently to address their concerns, uphold their welfare, and advance the constituency’s development.
“Madam Krishna Rai and I will remain deeply involved in addressing your needs, ensuring that the constituency benefits from the care and attention of three representatives: the new candidate, Madam Krishna Rai, and myself”, added the Chief Minister.
Chief Minister further urged the residents of the constituency not to be disheartened by this news and continue to have confidence in the leadership of the SKM Party.

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