SDM Rangpo, along with the line department, responds to the landslide crisis.

Pakyong, 13 June(IPR): A team led by SDM Rangpo, along with Rangpo Forest Department, Rangpo PS, officials from PMGSY, RDD, and various line departments, conducted an urgent inspection of the Rangpo sub division following a landslide triggered by heavy rainfall on June 10.
The recent adverse weather conditions caused significant disruptions in certain areas of Rangpo, leading to road blockages. Promptly responding to the situation, upon inspection, it was noted that the road conditions were deemed poor.
In response to this pressing situation, following the directives issued by DC Pakyong, swift measures were deployed to cover vulnerable sections of the road with tarpaulin sheets. This proactive measure aimed to prevent further mudslides and ensure the uninterrupted flow of traffic, thereby prioritising the well-being of the residents in the area.
Moreover, the escalating water levels of the Teesta River, exacerbated by heavy rainfall, have raised concerns for public safety. To mitigate risks, public announcements were made through miking systems to caution residents about the dangers posed by the river’s since June 12, 2024.
In coordination with the Rangpo Forest Department and Rangpo PS authorities, stringent measures were implemented to fortify the Teesta and Rangpo River Banks with conspicuous danger sign tapes. The strategic use of public address systems further restricts public access and mitigates the likelihood of accidents occurring due to the dangerous conditions posed by the rising waters.
Through these coordinated efforts, a comprehensive approach was adopted to safeguard the communities residing in proximity to the rivers, emphasising the paramount importance of public safety in the face of natural calamities.

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