Enhanced Anti-Narcotics Measures Discussed at the Gyalshing NCORD Meeting

Gyalshing, June 13 (IPR): A comprehensive review meeting of the Narco Coordination (NCORD) committee for Gyalshing District was held at the conference hall of the District Administrative Centre, Rabdentse.
The meeting, chaired by District Collector-cum-Chairman (NCORD), Mr. M. Bharani Kumaar, IAS, brought together key officials and representatives from various departments to discuss and enhance the coordination and implementation of anti-narcotic strategies within the district.
The meeting focused on reviewing the current status of drug trafficking and abuse in the region, evaluating measures undertaken by concerned departments, and formulating a more integrated approach to tackle narcotics-related issues.
District Collector Mr. M. Bharani Kumaar, IAS, underscored the critical need for a collaborative effort among all departments to effectively combat the drug menace in the region. He highlighted the importance of comprehensive awareness programs and the strict enforcement of existing laws.
He emphasized the pivotal role of the Education Department and the Drug Control Cell in spreading awareness and sensitizing the public about preventing drug abuse. He advised organizing awareness programs under the Nasha Mukth Bharat Abhiyan in collaboration with various departments and organizations, including the Police, SSB, SIB, Social Welfare Department, Education Department, and Pelling Tourism Development Association (PTDA), to ensure effective and wide-reaching coverage.
Additionally, the District Collector drew attention to the strict enforcement of the ban on selling tobacco products within 100 yards of school premises. He called for timely inspections by the concerned authorities to ensure compliance with this regulation.
SP Gyalshing and Mr. J. Jayapandiyan, IPS, provided a detailed report on narcotics-related activities and the actions taken by the police department. He underscored the importance of intelligence sharing and regular surveillance to curb drug trafficking in the district.
Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Gyalshing also presented a detailed report on the timely inspections conducted and various measures undertaken to prevent the drug menace.
Mr. Amarjeet Kr. Sinha, Assistant Director (SIB), emphasized the importance of community involvement and the establishment of a robust information network to aid enforcement efforts. He also suggested initiating a proper mechanism for purchasing scheduled H drugs from pharmaceuticals, maintaining records with CCTV footage, and monitoring the repeated misuse of doctors’ prescriptions.
Officials from various departments presented their respective initiatives and progress reports.
The meeting concluded with a consensus on adopting a multi-faceted approach involving stringent law enforcement and public awareness to effectively address the narcotics problem in Gyalshing District.
Additionally, a thorough review meeting on the joint action plan for the prevention of drug and substance abuse among children and the prevention of illicit trafficking for the quarter of April to June 2024 was conducted.
Among the attendees were Mr. Ajeet Mohan, Commandant/SSB, Mr. J. Jayapandiyan, IPS, SP Gyalshing, Mr. Bikash Pradhan, CMO (DHG), Mr. Karma Sherpa, Addl. Director (Agri/Horti), Mr. Kshitij Saxena, DFO/T, IFS, Mr. Kessang D. Bhutia, SDPO Gyalshing, Mr. R.H. Subba, RTO (Gyalshing), Mr. Gopal Sharma, MEO (GNP), Mr. Bhisan Pradhan, ADO (Agri), Mr. Amarjeet Kr. Sinha, Asst. Director (SIB), and Mr. Rajen Tamang, AD (Education).

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