Heavy Rainfall and Mudflows in Thek Village

Pakyong, 11 June (IPR): The recent heavy rainfall on the night of June 10, 2024, in Thek village, Parakha Block, Sub Division Pakyong, has brought about devastating consequences, causing extensive damage to properties and endangering public safety. The relentless downpour in the region has triggered erosion along the river bank, resulting in the structural integrity of numerous houses being compromised, rendering them unfit for human occupation.
In response to the widespread devastation, a comprehensive joint inspection was carried out under the directive of DC Pakyong to assess the extent of the damage and coordinate relief efforts.
The inspection team comprised key officials and representatives, including Mrs Pamin Lepcha, MLA Gnathang Machong, members of the Zilla Panchayat and Panchayat Latuk Thek, SDM Pakyong, DFO (T), DPO, DE Roads, BDO Parakha, AE PMGSY, and AE Power addressing the urgent needs of the affected population and facilitating the necessary interventions for recovery and rehabilitation.
Responding to the urgent need for assistance, two relief camps have been established to provide shelter and aid to the affected residents.
The Latuk Primary School and the house of Mrs. Bishnu Maya Rai Roshan Rai have been designated as relief camps for those displaced by the calamity.
Moreover, the destructive force of the floodwaters has claimed three bridges along the Maltini River, severing the only connection to Thek Village and isolating its inhabitants from essential services and support networks.
The land adjacent to the Maltini River has borne the brunt of severe erosion at multiple sites, causing significant alterations to the river’s natural course and posing further risks to the surrounding area.
A number of households have suffered immense losses as a result of this disaster. The residences of Mr Akal Bdr Rai and Mr Hem Bdr Rai have been completely destroyed.
Additionally, the houses of Mr Chabilal Gurung, Mr Dorjee Sherpa, Mr Sangay Sherpa, Mr Jambo Sherpa, Mr Tenchung Sherpa, Mr Anzung Sherpa, Mr Hem Raj Gurung, Mr Harka Bdr Rai, and Mr Krishna Bdr Rai have incurred varying degrees of damage, ranging from severe to complete destruction, compounding the plight of the affected residents.
The loss of livestock during the calamity has also been significant, with Mr Chabilal Gurung losing six goats and Mr Krishna Bdr Rai witnessing the loss of 200 poultry birds.
In order to examine the terrain uphill along the Maltini River from the NHIDCL Road construction site, Area MLA Mrs Pamin Lepcha directed the establishment of an assessment group.
She additionally gave instructions for the quick restoration of the water and electricity supplies, as well as the accessibility of the roads.
Further, a detailed inspection will be carried out by the team tomorrow led by DFO (T), DPO (DDMA), and Panchayat.

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