Evaluating Progress for Pakyong Water Supply Source Disruption Mitigation Efforts in Dhungelkharka, Pakyon

Pakyong, 29 May (IPR)
In compliance with the instructions from DC Pakyong regarding the water source disruption ultimately leading to the water scarcity issue at Pakyong, a supplementary visit was carried out to the Dhungelkharka area to evaluate the steps taken by the NHIDCL for mitigation. The purpose of the visit was to assess the effectiveness of the measures implemented and identify any further actions needed to address the water scarcity issue.
The visit was attended by various key personnel, including the Assistant Engineer from PHED Pakyong, the BO Barapathing, the Project Engineer from NHIDCL, and the Project Manager (Contractors NHIDCL). Each member of the team brought their expertise and insights to the table, contributing to a comprehensive assessment of the situation.
Upon inspection of the Dhungelkharka area, it was observed that the measures taken to redirect rain surface runoff water to the Richu source of the Pakyong Water Supply were still insufficient. It was evident that more proactive steps needed to be taken to ensure a sustainable and reliable water supply for the residents of Pakyong.
During the visit, further guidance was provided on how to effectively utilise surface drainage and implement slope protection measures. One of the recommendations made was to use geotextiles on the valley side to prevent erosion and ensure the stability of the water supply infrastructure. It was emphasised that these measures were crucial in mitigating the effects of water scarcity and source disruption leading to muddy water.
As part of the follow-up actions, the action report by NHIDCL is required to be submitted to the District Administration by May 31st, detailing the proposed steps to address the above issues. This report will serve as a roadmap for future interventions and will help in monitoring the progress of the mitigation efforts.
Furthermore, PHED Pakyong field team took immediate action to temporarily fix the damage using HDPE pipes at the under-construction DAC slide that occurred yesterday. This temporary solution was put in place to ensure the continuous supply of water to the affected areas while more permanent repairs are being planned and executed.

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