Authorities Take Action to Ensure Public Safety considering the Teesta River’s Increasing Water Levels

Pakyong, 29 May (IPR): In accordance with the directive of District Collector Pakyong, Mr Thendup Lepcha SDM Rangpo accompanied by MEO Rangpo Nagar Panchayat, officials from
Fisheries Department, Forest Department, and Police Personnel, conducted an inspection today at the Teesta river belt of Rangpo Subdivision and the River Rangpo belt. The inspection aimed at assessing the situation and ensuring the safety of the public in light of the rising water levels of the River Teesta.
The Central Water Commission (CWC) issued an alert at 1 am today due to the rising water levels of the River Teesta, urging people along the basin to remain vigilant. The alert serves as a reminder for residents to take necessary precautions and stay away from the river.
With regards to it an awareness campaign was conducted in the IBM area and Mazigoan Rangpo, utilising loudspeakers, to instruct the public to stay away from the river starting from 5 pm onwards. This proactive measure aims to prevent any potential accidents or mishaps due to the increasing water levels.
In addition, the Forest Department has also mandated the closure of quarries after 5 pm. This step is taken to ensure the safety of workers and to prevent any harm that may be caused by the rising water levels.
Furthermore, the Fisheries Department
issued a notice forbidding fishing for three months beginning April 1 to June 30th, as part of the mating season and to ensure sustainability.This measure is critical to maintaining ecological balance and protecting the river’s fish population.

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