Pakyong District Receives Postal Ballot from Service Voters, Bringing the Total to 345

Pakyong, 28 May (IPR): Two postal ballots from service voters for the General Election 2024 arrived at Pakyong District today, increasing the cumulative count to 345.
The ballots were delivered by the Post Office and subsequently transferred by a Post Office official to Mr Mahendra Chettri, SDM (HQ), Pakyong District.
In accordance with the regulations of the Election Commission of India (ECI), the received postal ballots were categorised by Assembly Constituency (AC) and date, subsequently safeguarded, sealed, and stored in the presence of election representatives from various political parties at the strong room in the District Administrative Centre, Pakyong.
The entire procedure was documented through videography to uphold transparency and adherence to the stipulated regulations.

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