Road Connectivity & Land Compensation issues discussed in Mangan district

Mangan, May 28 (IPR) Keeping the grievances of the public as priority, Mr. Vishu Lama, ADM Mangan, chaired a meeting to address the issue of land compensation for the road connectivity project from Mangan to Lachen via Toong, following the catastrophic flash floods, which took place in October 2023. With the finalisation of administrative process completed in December 2023, the project was handed over and undertaken by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) and the General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF).
The meeting had the presence of Mr Kiran Thatal-SDM Chungthang, Mr A. K. Dixit-Commander Col BRO,Ms Diki Lepcha, Panchayat President (Chungthang GPU), Shri Hissay Lepcha- Panchayat Vice President (Shipgyer), landowners and residents from Toong, Naga and Chungthang and officer in command 86 RCC and 107.
The meeting highlighted two main issues:
• The authorised deadline for compensation to the land owners being delayed on several occasions.
• Increase in tariff for goods and services due to road connectivity issues.
SDM Chungthang placed forth the urgency of connectivity as well as the compensation while explaining to the public that all official work has been completed efficiently.
Commander Col (BRO), stressing on the importance of restoring road connectivity before monsoon, urged the land owners to trust that the compensation for their aid and support would be made in due time but restoring the nation first should take precedence in any decision that will be made, moving forward. He also assured that the connectivity beyond Mangan would be restored within two weeks.
A unanimous decision to allow the ongoing work to continue till July 15, 2023 was agreed upon by the panchayat members and land owners. They requested that an official agreement for the compensation be signed by the concerned officials and representatives, pleading that there be no further delay.

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