First Round Training Commences for Micro Observers on Counting Procedure in Gyalshing District

Gyalshing, May 15 (IPR): Today, the first round of training on the counting procedure for Micro Observers(MOs) commenced at the conference hall of Zilla Bhawan, Kyongsa. The training aims to equip MOs with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively fulfill their duties during the crucial counting process.
The session was taken by SLMT/Returning Officer (RO) Ms. Pari Bishnoi, IAS emphasized the pivotal role of MOs in upholding democratic principles and ensuring the fairness of the counting process. Ms. Bishnoi underscored the importance of impartiality, accuracy, and attention to detail in carrying out their responsibilities.
The training covered various aspects of the counting procedure, including major legal provisions related to counting and election results, EVMs and postal ballots counting, ETPBs counting teams, tabulation teams, duties of staff on counting tables, layouts of counting halls and tables, scrutinizing of Forms 13A, 13B, and 13C, grounds of rejections, inspection and checking of CU, unsealing CU, filling Part-II of Form 17C, special cases related to CU, counting of VVPAT slips and Declaration of results.
The sessions was further facilitated by DLMT/SE (Power) Ms. KSC Tongden Lepcha and SVEEP (Nodal Officer)/Deputy Director (Education) Mr. Rajesh Thapa.
A commendable turnout of 64 Micro Observers from Central Government banks and various PSUs actively engaged in today’s training.

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