Training on Counting Process for Counting Officials Commences in Pakyong District

Pakyong, 14 May (IPR): The first round of training on the counting process for Counting Supervisors, Counting Assistants, and Micro Observers was conducted at the Rurban Community Complex, RDD, Pakyong today.
The training had the presence of Mr Tashi Chophel DEO cum DC Pakyong; Ms Anupa Tamling ADC Pakyong; Ms Merina Rai Joint Secretary Election Cell, Ms Tenzing Pema, District Level Master Trainer (DLMT) and Mr Sandesh Subba SDM Pakyong.
DC cum DEO in his address, emphasised the importance of the counting process as the final phase of the General Election. He urged all Counting Officials to learn and understand the format and procedures during the training sessions, encouraging them to clarify any doubts promptly.
He informed that the vote count for the Assembly Constituency is scheduled for June 2, 2024, commencing at 6 am, while the count for the Parliamentary Constituency will take place on June 4, 2024, starting at 8 am.
He added that there will be three rounds of training for each batch to ensure accuracy and efficiency on the actual counting day.
Ms Merina Rai presented a PowerPoint on the counting process for the Counting Officials. She discussed various topics, including legal provisions for Counting Officials, EVM counting/ layout of counting table, EVM counting- initial steps of unsealing, checking of EVMs, EVM counting- counting of votes, ascertaining the result, filling of Form 17C, process of recounting votes, Infrastructure, layout and access control in counting hall.
Additionally, she detailed the procedures for counting VVPAT slips and Postal Ballots, as well as the use of Forms 13 A, 13 B, and 13 C.
She also provided a live demonstration of the steps involved in unsealing Control Units (CU) and the EVM counting process, along with real-life scenarios that counting officials might encounter on counting day.
The training included practical, hands-on sessions for the counting officials to gain direct experience with the counting process. The first day of training was divided into two sessions: morning batch and afternoon batch.

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