Press Release from Raj Bhawan, Gangtok

DATE – 08.05.2024
The Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim, Shri Lakshman Prasad Acharya, who also serves as the Chief Rector of the Sikkim Central University, visited the permanent campus of the Sikkim Central University at Yangang, Namchi District.
Addressing the gathered audience, the Hon’ble Governor expressed his pleasure at the Sikkim Central University’s establishment of its permanent campus at Yangang. He extended his best wishes for the institution’s future endeavours.
He underscored the need to tackle barriers with determination and sincerity. He also emphasized the importance of looking ahead to the future, stating that with such determination, the path forward becomes clearer.
Dwelling upon the significance of the new campus, the Hon’ble Governor remarked on the positivity it embodies, stressing that responsibility would enhance Sikkim Central University’s rankings.
He emphasized the importance of teamwork in overcoming obstacles and urged teachers, professors, scholars, and students to contribute to society and the community.
The Hon’ble Governor also commended Vice-Chancellor Professor Khare for his commendable efforts in advancing the work of the campus since assuming his role.
Furthermore, the Hon’ble Governor encouraged efforts to establish the Sikkim Central University as a premier educational institution, drawing inspiration from the esteemed legacy of the University of Nalanda and Taksheela.
The Vice-Chancellor provided a brief overview of the university’s current status and also provided the road map for its future development.
The Hon’ble Governor was warmly welcomed by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Avinash Khare, and the Registrar, Shri Lakshman Sharma, along with other officers and staff of the Sikkim Central University and other line departments.
The Hon’ble Governor received a traditional welcome with the offering of khada, a bouquet, and a souvenir upon his arrival. He also inspected the University Model and toured the campus during his visit.

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