Election Update: Gangtok District

Gangtok, April 11 (IPR): Postal Voting Team for GMC Arena and Paljor Stadium under Gangtok district have been dispatched at 8am from DIET college Burtuk, today.
The Auditorium Hall, DIET College (FC I) will continue to facilitate postal ballot casting for Polling personnel till 12 April.
Likewise, the GMC Futsal Arena (FC II) will facilitate postal ballot casting for officials other than Polling personnel from 12-14 April in Hall-1.
Additionally, the GMC Futsal Arena will also cater to Absentee Voters on Essential Services (AVES) for postal ballot casting on 11-12 April, 2024 in Hall-2.
Meanwhile, Paljor Stadium, Upper Sichey (FC III) will continue to facilitate postal ballot casting till April 12 for Sikkim Armed Police. From April 13-14, the Stadium will cater to Police personnel from Police Headquarters for postal ballot casting.

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