(Press Release from office of CEO Sikkim)

Gangtok April 10: In collaboration with Red FM an additional dimension was brought to the on-ground activity: Studio Shift “Wheels of Democracy” is being organised by o/o CEO, Sikkim for electoral education leveraging the reach and influence of the programme to amplify the message of voter awareness.
Throughout the programme schedule, in selecting event venues and introducing interactive segments, Red FM played a crucial role in reaching a wider audience and encouraging active participation from citizens.
The activity aimed to promote awareness and engagement in the democratic process by encouraging voter participation among the citizens of Sikkim.
The campaign made its mark across various key locations, spreading its message of voter awareness and community engagement. The Wheels of Democracy initiative reached significant milestones as it journeyed through pivotal locations in Sikkim. On 5th April, 2024, the campaign covered Phodong and Mangan Bazar in the Mangan District, followed by Singtam and Rangpo on 6th April , 2024.
Continuing its impactful journey, the program extended its reach to citizens of Namthang on 8th April, 2024. On 9th April, 2024, the wheels rolled into Ravangla, Gyalshing , and Legship, fostering voter awareness in these communities.
Lastly, the campaign concluded its journey today by visiting Jorethang, Melli, and Namchi, ensuring that the message of democratic participation resonated across the length and breadth of the State.

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