Day 2 ends with 584 Postal Ballot Votes cast

Soreng, April 10 (IPR): The second day of Postal Ballot closes with 584 number of votes cast from Soreng district, today.
The Postal Ballot votes were cast by District Police, Polling Personnel and Sikkim Armed Police (SAP) Pipalay from 3 Facilitation Centres set up at Government B. Ed. College, Soreng.
As informed by the DEO’s Office, the Postal Ballot data was:
In Hall No. 1, there were 165 Postal Ballot votes cast from the Polling Personnel.
In Hall No. 2, there were 191 Postal Ballot votes cast from the District Police Personnel.
In Hall No. 3, there were 228 Postal Ballot votes cast from the Sikkim Armed Police, Pipalay.
The day also marks the end of Postal Ballot voting for the District Police Personnel.
The Postal Ballots were then securely stored and sealed inside the Strong Room in the presence of Ms Yishey D Yongda DEO/DC, Mr Dhiraj Subedi Deputy DEO/ ADC, Nodal Officers and the Polling Agents of Political Parties.

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