165 Presiding and Polling Officers attend second day of the final round training in Soreng District

Soreng, April 10 (IPR): The second day of the final round training for Presiding and Polling (I-V) Officers, had an attendance of 165 trainees at the auditorium hall of Government Senior Secondary School, Soreng.
Ms Yishey D Yongda DEO/DC Soreng, urged all the Presiding Officers and Polling team to carry out their assigned duties responsibly and diligently. The DEO further advised carefulness in transporting polled machine from polling stations to District Control Room. In addition, she highlighted some key points with regard to the operation of the EVMs. Further, she called upon cooperation of all present for a successful electoral process.
The training session was held theoretically and practically. The theoretical session was conducted by Mr Dilip Sharma SLMT/DPO (Zilla) whereas the practical session was carried out by Mr Sunny Kharel, SLMT/SDM Soreng.
The theoretical session covered the duties of Presiding and Polling Officers, the do’s and don’ts on the poll day, tendered ballot paper, voter register, voter slip, different Forms and Formats including statutory and non-statutory booklets.
A hands-on training on Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trials (VVPATs) remained the practical session.
A detailed instructions on colour packets of statutory and non-statutory covers after the closing of poll were given by Mr RK Panday ALMT/Principal Daramdin SSS.
During the training, Ms Chimila Sherpa, AD (IT) informed about the E-Atlas, a mobile Traccar app, which can be used to monitor the location of officials on the poll day. The trainees were further apprised that one person should have the app compulsorily in each team.

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