The second day of the final round training for Presiding and Polling Teams for General Election 2024 under Gangtok district concludes today

Gangtok, April 10 (IPR): The second day of training for Presiding and Polling teams under Gangtok district concluded here at DIET college Burtuk today.
Mr Jitendra Kumar General Observer for Gangtok district attended the training session. The meeting had the presence of Mr Tushar G Nikhare District Election Officer Gangtok-cum-District Collector Gangtok, Mr GL Meena SDM (HQ) Gangtok, Mr Abhijit Patil Assistant Collector Gangtok, Mr Sonam Wongyal Lepcha, DPO-cum-Nodal Officer for Training Management Team and Disaster Mangement Department and Officers of District Election Office Gangtok.
Mr Tushar G Nikhare District Election Officer Gangtok-cum-District Collector Gangtok, explained the role of presiding officers and polling officers on poll day. He extensively instructed the Officers to give election data in regular intervals and also discussed the methods. He gave a word of caution to the Officers to be vigilant on the polling day and requested the Officers to be wary of the protocols provided by the Election Commission of India (ECI). He hoped that the Officers are confident to handle any odd situations during the poll day after four rounds of training. He concluded his briefing by conveying warm wishes to the Officers appointed for poll duties.
During the training session, there was a briefing about preparation of six envelopes by the polling team after conclusion of poll by Mr GL Meena SDM (HQ) Gangtok. There was also demonstration of the importance of Presiding Officer on poll day and additional inputs to be given by Presiding Officers on poll day.
During the presentation session, there was also mention on actions on poll day, Form 17A, Annexure-14, Annexure-17, mockpoll procedure, real life scenarios during poll day, close of poll and the role of presiding officers and polling officers. The power point presentation for Presiding and Polling Officers also included briefing about Form 17A, Form 17B, Form 17C, setup of EVMs and VVPATs on poll day, different categories of ballot paper and polling station data through power point presentation. A live demonstration of setup of polling station was also given during the training session.
The training also included Hands-on session on Traccar client app (also available in Android and Apple iPhone) for Presiding Officers and Polling Officers. The Traccar Client is an app that allows you to use your mobile device as a GPS tracker. The app reports location to a designated server with selected time intervals.

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