Second Expenditure Reconciliation in Pakyong District

Pakyong, 10 April (IPR): The expenditure reconciliation meeting with the contesting candidates of all political parties under Pakyong District was convened today at the conference hall of DAC Pakyong.
Mr Ashish Kumar Pandey (IRS), the Expenditure Observer, conducted a meticulous inspection of the expenditure for the General Election 2024 in the presence of all the contesting candidates/agents and the Expenditure Monitoring Team.
It is to be noted that the candidate’s account undergoes expenditure reconciliation three times before the Expenditure Observer, and today signifies the second day of this process.
Mr Ashish Kumar Pandey (IRS) is overseeing five assembly constituencies under Pakyong District: 18 West Pendam (SC) AC, 19 Rhenock AC, 20 Chujachen AC, 21 Gnathang-Machong (BL) AC, and 22 Namchebong AC.
During the inspection, Mr Pandey conducted a comprehensive review of the day-to-day expenditure records of the contesting candidates, meticulously cross-referencing them with the shadow observation register maintained by the Accounting Team.
Following his assessment, Mr Pandey expressed his satisfaction with the accounting procedures. He also stressed the utmost importance for candidates and their agents to maintain accurate and up-to-date bank accounts and expenditure registers in preparation for the upcoming reconciliation with the Expenditure Team.

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