Final Training for Polling Teams: 30- Djongu

Mangan, April 10 (IPR) : The final round of training session for polling teams of 30 – Djongu constituency was conducted at DAC Election Hall, today.
The training was divided into two segments, with team 1- 16 participating in the morning session, focusing on casting their votes via postal ballots at the facilitation centre. The afternoon session was reserved for team 17- 32.
Mr Hem Kumar Chettri- DEO gave an introductory note and reiterated the duties and functions of Presiding and Polling Officers. He urged participants to fully engage in the training and to utilise the handbooks and compendiums when required.
Mr. Palden N. Lachungpa, DCSO-CUM- District Level Master Trainer conducted a comprehensive session that included final review of materials, from collection to closure, detailed instructions on from completion, envelop handling, and hands on training sessions for EEVM and VVPAT operations. The training was further facilitated by Mr. Padam Bdr. Gurung- Assembly Level Master Trainer cum Deputy Director Agriculture, Mr UgenTseten Bhutia, ALT CUM Assistant Director Directorate of Fisheries AND Mr Ganesh Thapa, ALT cum Welfare Officer.
It is to be mentioned that officers were also introduced to Traccar Client App which allows real time location tracking for important election officials such as sector officers, flying squads and static squads. The app is available for android and iOs both.

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