Press Release from Raj Bhawan

DATE – 08.04.2024
Shri Rupak Roy Choudhary, National Coordinator of the Sulabh Sanitation Club, which is a part of Sulabh International, along with other members, called on the Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim, Shri Lakshman Prasad Acharya, at Raj Bhavan today. During the meeting, they discussed their collaboration with the Aklem Foundation in implementing the “AAGAZ+” project, which aims to strengthen sanitation in eleven schools of Sikkim, with a primary focus on Water, Sanitization, and Hygiene (WASH) education. They also highlighted the introduction of “Pink Toilets” in schools, which are female-friendly. Additionally, they mentioned the deployment of Master Trainers in schools to educate girl children and staff about menstruation hygiene.
The Hon’ble Governor commended the late Shri Bindeshwar Pathak, a social reformer, and the father of Indian Sanitation. Shri Pathak, the founder of Sulabh International, was praised for his humanitarian deeds, which have brought about significant positive change in society. He also emphasized that individuals like Shri Pathak live on through the legacies they leave behind. He noted that Sikkim is a place where the noble work initiated by such individuals can be continued, serving as a role model for others to follow.
Furthermore, the Hon’ble Governor highlighted the past challenges faced by girl students due to unhygienic sanitation facilities, leading to dropouts. He acknowledged the importance of menstruation education in empowering girl children and ensuring their continued education. The Hon’ble Governor also mentioned that Raj Bhavan would extend all possible support for endeavors aimed at social welfare and development

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