Red FM Wheels of Democracy conducted Road Show at Namthang Baazar.

Namchi, April 08(IPR): The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Sikkim in collaboration with Red FM ‘Wheels of Democracy’ conducted a Road Show at Namthang Baazar today as part of SVEEP (Systematic Voter Education & Electoral Participation) initiative for the General Elections 2024.
The event had the presence of Mr Ratan Gurung, BDO Namthang -cum- Assistant Returning Officer along with respective Block Level Offices (BLOs,) police personnel and general public.
The programme features interactive activities like song requests, flash mobs, and spontaneous quiz rounds. This innovative campaign aims to elevate electoral awareness and engagement across diverse demographics.
The ‘Wheels of Democracy’ campaign, launched on April 5th, 2024, aims to empower citizens with knowledge about their voting rights and responsibilities, fostering a culture of active participation in the democratic process throughout the state of Sikkim.

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