Press Release from RBSK Division,NHM, H&FW Department Date: 21/03/2024

Two days State Level training on Comprehensive New Born Screening (CNS) successfully concluded today at Gangtok. This training was a part of a month long observation of National Birth Defects Awareness month which was launched at National Level at New Delhi recently. Training was given to Medical Officer In charges of PHCs & CHCs, Nurses from SNCU, Labor room posted across all districts & State Hospital and team from District Early Intervention (DEIC) New STNM Sochakgang.
Resource person for the training were Dr. Sanjeev Kr. Prasad, Principal Chief Consultant cum HOD, Dr. Jigmee Bhutia, Chief Pediatric Consultant from New STNM Hospital Sochakgang and Dr. Karma Chaden Bhutia, Additional Director cum State Program Officer, RBSK/RKSK Division, H& FW dept.
Comprehensive New Born Screening (CNS) is a part of Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) program under National Health Mission.
RBSK aims at early identification and early intervention of 4D’s – Defects at birth, Deficiencies, Diseases and Developmental delays including disabilities- in children from birth to 18 years of age. Early identification of Defects at birth is an important component of Birth Defects which have been recognized globally as a major contributor to neonatal and infant mortality and disability.
The Objective of the training was to train Health Professional for comprehensive clinical examination to be performed on all babies, usually within the first 48 hours of life to ensure linkage to care, support and treatment for equitable child health care, which in the long run will reduce the burden of disability, improve health and ensure development of children born with Birth Defects.
Participants were reoriented on overview of RBSK and trained on Screening Methodology ,Common Birth defects, Managements of Birth Defects at Delivery Points , Screening cum Reporting ,Referral mechanism, Role of DEIC and Hands on examination of New Born.
On the second day of the training, Secretary, Health Department Dr.AB Karki and Medical Superintendent of New STNM Hospital Dr.Ruth Yonzon had their valuable presence.
Dr. Ruth Yonzon highlighted the importance of early detection of birth defects. She explained that early detection can help minimize the impact of these defects and improve the overall quality of life for affected children.
Secretary of Health, Dr. AB Karki, also addressed the attendees. He emphasized the need for medical officers and nursing staff to actively discuss and address these issues, not only within the confines of the hospital, but also during outreach programs involving all stakeholders in the healthcare system.
Dr. Karki emphasized that maintaining good health is an individual responsibility and requires a conscious effort. He urged the participants to disseminate the awareness to the community on health-seeking behavior and adopt preventive measures to avoid diseases & defects.

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