Press Release from Raj Bhawan, Gangtok

The Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim Shri Lakshman Acharya, graced the 3rd Post-Si-Donyi Celebration, jointly organized by the SI-DONYI CELEBRATION Committee and Sikkim Professional University, Gangtok, Sikkim, Saramsa Garden today, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and unity in diversity of India.
Addressing the audience, the Hon’ble Governor commended Arunachal for its symbolic significance as the land where the sun, represented by Lord Surya, first illuminates India. He expressed that today’s celebration serves as a powerful demonstration of India’s cherished principle of unity in diversity, showcasing how people across the nation come together to share in each other’s happiness and rejoice collectively.
Drawing inspiration from the SI – DONYI Celebrations, the Hon’ble Governor emphasized the intrinsic value of respecting Mother Nature, which he described as a fundamental aspect of our country’s cultural heritage. He lauded the students for their initiative in organizing a program centred on universal well-being, highlighting how such festivities play a crucial role in uniting us as a singular entity – one family, one nation, and one future.
Moreover, he emphasized Sikkim as a prime example of unity and cohesion, echoing sentiments expressed by the Prime Minister, who likened it to Asthalakshmi. As the saying goes, ‘If you haven’t seen the Northeast, you haven’t truly seen India.’ Let’s resolve to strive towards making the seemingly impossible, possible.
The Hon’ble Governor also presented ATSUS certificates, recognizing outstanding contributions to cultural preservation and promotion to the students.
The festivities commenced with the reception of the chief guest accompanied by the mesmerizing Ponung team, followed by the inauguration and flag-hosting ceremony.
The Organizing Chairman, Mr. Giasar Riamuk Cherom, elucidated the significance of Si Donyi, emphasizing its role in fostering unity and celebrating cultural diversity. Dr. Hemant Yadav further enriched the audience with insights into India’s rich cultural tapestry, emphasizing the importance of cultural unity amidst diversity.
The cultural extravaganza featured captivating performances, including Mega Dances by Arunachal students, Tagin Tribal Group Dance, Nyishi Tribal Group Dance, and soulful solo renditions by talented artists.
Dr. Hardeo Singh Yadav, Vice Chancellor of Sikkim Professional University, lauded the festival as a platform for showcasing the talents and cultural heritage of Arunachal Pradesh.

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