Press Release from Raj Bhawan, Gangtok

DATE – 14.03.2024
Under the visionary guidance of Hon’ble Governor Shri Lakshman Prasad Acharya, Raj Bhavan Sikkim is now adorned with the vibrant colours of tulip flowers, marking a significant milestone in the ‘Hamro Sankalp: Viksit Bharat, Pushpit Sikkim’ initiative.
Expressing delight at the blossoming of tulips within the Raj Bhavan complex, the Hon’ble Governor remarked that these flowers not only symbolize beauty but also embody the resilience and determination of the people of Sikkim to achieve their aspirations.
The presence of tulip blossom in the Raj Bhavan premises is indeed noteworthy, considering that tulips are traditionally associated with regions like Jammu and Kashmir. Witnessing their flourishing in Sikkim has brought joy to many.
Inspired by the Hon’ble Governor’s vision, the Raj Bhavan community resolved to introduce tulips within the premises under the motto “Yas Patak Hamaro Sikkim Raj Bhavanma Pani Tulipharu Phulnechhan” (This time tulips will bloom in our Raj Bhavan too). Extensive research was undertaken to ensure the success of this endeavour, including soil analysis, environmental suitability assessment, and selection of appropriate tulip varieties.
Various tulip cultivars, including Tulip Escape (dark red), Tulip Pink Odor (baby pink), Tulip Royal Virgin (white), Tulip Novi Sun (yellow), and Tulip Triple-Red (orange-yellow), sourced from the Netherlands, were carefully chosen for planting. The cultivation process involved meticulous planning, expert guidance, and dedicated care to ensure optimal growth conditions.
Following the procurement of tulip bulbs from Delhi, meticulous efforts were made to prepare the soil and plant the bulbs at the correct depth to receive adequate sunlight. Daily monitoring, watering, and maintenance were diligently carried out by the gardening team, with the first tulip sprout signifying a beacon of hope.
The successful blooming of tulips within 45 days stands as a testament to the perseverance and dedication of the Sikkim Raj Bhavan community. Today, these vibrant blooms not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Raj Bhavan but also serve as a powerful reminder that with determination and commitment, any endeavour can be accomplished.

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