DC Soreng inspected three Child Care Institutes under Soreng district

Soreng, March 31st (IPR): DC Soreng, Shri Bhim Thatal along with the team of Officials from District Child Protection Unit (DCPU), Gyalshing inspected three Child Care Institutes under Soreng district.
The team of Officials inspecting were Ms. Bhawana Subba, District Child Protection Officer (Gyalshing/Soreng), Shri Bibek Thapa, Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee, Dr. Kunzang Bhutia, MO (Gyalshing) along with the officials from DCPU and Social Workers from Civil society.
The CCIs visited were Aatis Dipankar Home at Chakung and Loving Girl’s Children Home at Sribadam which are run by NGOs and funded by the department of Women and Child Development along with the Government-run Children’s Home at Kaluk under Soreng district.
During the inspection, the DC had a constructive interaction with the staff and care-takers of the institutes. He enquired about the status of the children currently residing at the institutes and took stock of the infrastructure and facilities provided to the children. He advocated for integrated learning for the children including basic life skill trainings. He advised the staff to facilitate career counseling to the children and generate more awareness amongst the community against stigmatizing the children from such homes and institutes. Furthermore, he instructed the CCIs to take measures for the safety of the children, provide quality food and to take care of the children’s health and sanitation. He also encouraged the counselors to conduct training and workshops with dedicated resource teachers and special educators in assisting the children to getting back to the society.
The DC was appraised about the requirements and necessities that were needed in the CCIs. He also enquired about the facilities that are being provided to more vulnerable age groups and children with special needs. Likewise, he instructed the Officials to do inspection and proper monitoring of the CCIs on frequent intervals.
The Officials also reviewed the suggestions given by the children through suggestion box, installed at the Institutes by the department.

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