Press release from Yuksom BAC

15th sept,2022
Solarization facility for power backup of Yuksom-Dubdi gram panchayat office was inaugurated today in Yuksom in the presence of SDM (Yuksom), BDO (Yuksom), MOIC (Yuksom PHC), Gram panchayat members, representatives of KCC and UNDP India. The initiative has been supported by UNDP India’s Green Recovery Project, in collaboration with Yuksom-Dubdi Gram panchayat and KCC. The solar power backup is of a hybrid nature and shall provide uninterrupted power supply for both the gram panchayat office, as well as the adjacent handmade paper unit, supported by the gram panchayat, KCC and the ongoing GEF-GOI-UNDP SECURE Himalaya Project. The Chief Guest, SDM (Yuksom) appreciated the efforts of UNDP, KCC and Gram panchayat to promote innovative energy solutions for livelihood enhancement.
During the occasion, two Hyperbaric oxygen chambers or Gamow bags were also distributed to the KCC, and the KNP division of the forest and environment department, by UNDP India team members, as part of the Green Recovery Project. The gamow bags shall be immensely beneficial for high altitude mountain rescue inside KNP and will help to prevent any accidents or medical casualties, which may befall the large number of trekkers and visitors, who enter KNP each year.
The KCC president and the representatives of KNP division appreciated the support provided by UNDP and promised to ensure proper utilisation of the gamow bags.

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