Press release from Engineer’s cell Soreng district

15th September,2022(IPR):
The First District Level Engineer’s Day was celebrated at Soreng today. The chief guest for today’s event was Shri Tara Subba (SE) of Roads & Bridges Department Soreng. He was accompanied by Divisional Engineer Rural development department Shri Pravin lama, Power department Shri Deepak Sharma, Education department Shri Ramesh Chettri, Roads and bridges department (Daramdin) Shri Suman Chettri, Roads and bridges department Soreng AE Shri Sudeep Tamang, Soreng, BAC AE Shri Rakesh Sharma.
A solo song was performed by the JE (Power department) Shri Subba in his address reminded the gathering that the Integrated Civil Engineering complex located at Malbasey brought all the engineers under one roof & told this was the vision of our Hon’ble CM, Shri Prem Singh Tamang and further added that we are like a family and should always help each other and learn each day.

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