Four days Training on Bee Keeping commences at Kaluk, Soreng District

Soreng, 27 June 2022 (IPR): A Four days Training program on Bee Keeping and Mushroom cultivation awareness cum training program was held at the Village Administration Center, Kaluk.
The program was organised by the 30 Tadong Rinchenpong Gram Panchayat Unit under Soreng district.
The main aim of the program was to create awareness and encourage the farmers regarding bee keeping and its possible aspects and also to train the local farmers and give basic scientific techniques on beekeeping.
The training programme began with the welcome address by Ms. Dilu Maya Gurung, Panchayat President Tadong Rinchenpong in the presence of A. B. Rai Deputy Director Horticulture department, officials, dignitaries and resource persons Shri. Phurcho Lepcha for Mushroom cultivation and Shri. Sushil Chettri for Bee-Keeping.
Shri. Chettri in his key keynote address mentioned the need for a scientific and sustainable approach to Bee Keeping in rural areas and discussed about the Apis Cerana variety of bees through visual presentation. He also informed the participants about the process of extracting honey and its marketing strategy which would help the farmers strengthen their economy via the process of proper bee keeping techniques.
He further informed about the division and the processing of the bees and also the management of the Bee hive.
In the first day of the training program, the farmers acquired important information about the different approaches related to Bee Keeping through a visual demonstration on how to convert traditional Bee hive to a more scientifically designed bee hive which could help the farmers to further their output.
A total of 56 farmers along with other interested local people participated in the training program

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