A joint delegation of all Sikkim Lepcha organizations visit DC East

Gangtok, August 3: A joint delegation of all Sikkim Lepcha organizations, namely, Renjyong Mutanchi Rong Tarjum, Renjyong Mutanchi Ong Shejum and Sikkim Indigenous Lepcha Tribal Association made an official visit to the office of the District Collector, East on 2nd August to discuss on the issue related to the upgradation of Lepcha Literary Organisation’s Building- Kurmomlee, situated at Development Area, Gangtok, East Sikkim.

The delegation was led by Additional Political Secretary to HCM East Shri Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha, along with the executives of the different Sikkim Lepcha Organisations and members from the Lepcha Civil Society.

Emphasizing on the historical importance of the Lepcha Literary Organisation’s building-Kurmomlee, which holds a sentimental attachment of the entire Lepcha community, the delegation briefed the authority about the multifarious services that this particular structure has been catering, not only to the Lepcha community but also to the other communities at large and to nearby local societies.

The administration was apprised about how the building has provided accommodation facility to many economically weaker section of people from far flung areas who come for medical treatments over the years, since the building was constructed in 1982 by the members of the Lepcha civil society.

The delegation also informed that for more than 20 years, the building has also provided free hostel for under-privileged students from different communities who come to avail for the winter coaching classes for Board Examinations organized every year for three months by Sikkim Lepcha Youth Association.

Moreover, due to rapid urbanization, the area where the Lepcha Literary Organisation’s Building-Kurmomlee is situated also lacks an open space where the local communities could hold any kind of social occasions. The said building has thus served to the need of the nearby local societies as well in times of different social occasions like marriages and deaths, the delegation added.

Earlier, the District Collector, East Shri Ragul K. accorded a welcome to the dignitaries and gave a patient hearing to the submission of the delegation of the Lepcha Organisations and assured every possible help on the State government’s part in considering the utility of the building and the ethos of the Lepcha community that is attached to.

(Press release from Renjyong Mutanchi Rong Tarjum)

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