Hon’ble MLA Shri Aditya Golay inspects the on-going & upcoming projects

Soreng, July 8 (IPR): The Hon’ble MLA, Shri Aditya Golay today, visited the construction sites of the on-going and upcoming projects currently under the Soreng-Chakung constituency. He was accompanied by the SDM- Soreng, Public Works Department- Chief Engineer, Additional Chief Engineer and Superintendent Engineer along with RO/AD- Soreng, BDO’s of Soreng and Chumbung along with other department officials.

The Hon’ble MLA and the entire team first visited the under-construction site of Engineering Complex near Don Bosco School Guest house, Malbasey. He inspected and enquired about the on-going construction activities and reviewed the progress. This was followed by a meeting at the Rural Development Department premises at Chota Samdung about the upcoming Model Residential School.

An in-depth presentation regarding the structure, facilities and the features about the school was given by the Architecture, Design and Concept Department. He said that the school will be constructed in three respective zones namely Administrative, Residential and Sports zones. He added that the school will have a State-of-the-Art facilities and features such as an in-house digital library wherein the students can have an access to online information. The construction of the school will be done in such a way that it will cater quality education not only to the regular students but also to those who are physically challenged, he concluded.

After the presentation, the Panchayat President, Shri D.K. Subba addressed the meeting wherein he firstly thanked the Government for bringing development and growth in the area by constructing the school. He said that such a massive project will definitely bring prosperity to the area along with financial stability for the locals. He then laid down some of the grievances that the local public had. One of the main issues discussed was the compensation that are to be given to the probable land owners. He also added about the concerns regarding unemployment in and around the area. Better prospects and future growth are inevitable with the construction of the Model School, he said.

The Hon’ble MLA then addressed the meeting by warmly greeting the distinguished guests, department officials and the community. He said that the local people and the concerned department were thankful to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Prem Singh Tamang for his guidance and approval to construct a Model School at Chota Samdung. He continued his speech by saying that such Model Schools will be constructed in one of the Zillas in each district. He reiterated that one of the main reasons for constructing the school is to provide quality education facilities and adequate knowledge to the students specially to those having weaker financial status. “This is a step taken to revive our education system and to give a chance to those students who are otherwise marginalised because of their financial problems”, he said. He was also thankful to the Hon’ble Minister of Education, Shri Kunga Nima Lepcha for approving and accepting the request to construct the project in the area. He mentioned that the importance of constructing school on the outskirts of the main town is to avoid distraction and disturbance. Regarding the land compensation, he said that all the owners will be compensated fairly as per the current Government land rates depending on the locality. He mentioned that the employment will be provided to those local people who are capable and meet the required norms. He urged the local community to give their full support and contribution in building a better future not just for their children but also for others, he concluded.

At the end of the program a vote of thanks was given by the Block President, Shri D.B. Gurung.

The Hon’ble MLA and the team then headed to the final site of the meeting at Chakung Public Ground. There the concerned department officials along with the Contractors, the Engineers and the Consultancy Agency gave an over-view about the site plan and demonstration of the new project under the name ‘Subash Chandra Bose Centre of Excellence’. He also enquired and discussed about the facilities that are to be provided along with the required infrastructure for better learning by the students. The meeting was adjourned with the conclusion that a review meeting will be scheduled in coming days to discuss the progress in the development of the project.

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