Visit of Monasteries in Namchi

Namchi, 24th May (IPR): In, order to create awareness and to sensitize regarding the second wave of COVID-19, SDM (HQ) Mr. Chiran Rizal and SDPO (Namchi) Mr. Kesang D. Bhutia visited monasteries located in and around Namchi, today.

During their visit they inspected the kitchen, dining area and dormitories of the monasteries. Shreda located in all the inspected monastery were found to be closed however there were students still staying at the hostel.

The officials also circulated COVID-19 appropriate behaviour at the monasteries and requested them to comply to certain guidelines in order to combat COVID-19. They emphasized that there should be ample distance between the beds in dormitories to avoid spreading of the disease. Similar gap should be also maintained in the dining area and that provision for proper sanitization should be made available. It was suggested that dedicated manpower designated to shop grocery items should be identified and that these individuals should isolate themselves from the rest of the people living in the monastery throughout the pandemic. The officials also highlighted that if possible no visitors to be allowed and they underlined that every Shreda incharge should reserve a room in the hostel for isolation purpose for symptomatic cases.

The officials also pointed out that if there is any symptomatic case then they should report it to the nearest health centre.

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